PoLa is an internationally oriented landscape design team currently based in Berlin. Our expertise covers a broad range of projects from gardens to complex public spaces. We provide innovative and achievable design solutions to challenging assignments.

To each project, we tailor a unique design approach, based on intensive research, cultural sensitivity and an ambition to go beyond simply functional. Through a critical analysis of project’s site and client’s demands, we explore the hidden qualities and opportunities and define conceptual guidelines, which we elaborate further in close dialogue with the client. We test a variety of design solutions until a clear direction is established.

In order to provide a complete design strategy, we collaborate with specialists from other disciplines such as ecologists, sociologists, artist and engineers, whose contribution is essential for the success of the project. 

We believe that a close project supervision during execution is essential to its success and lasting quality. Therefore we endeavor to be actively involved in working with nurseries and material suppliers, monitoring works on site and supervising the contractors. 

We aim to think forward and create socially sustainable and meaningful human environments, with strong identity, that are capable to evolve over time, absorb social changes and improve quality of life of its users.

PoLa was established in 2014 by Monika Popczyk. She is a TU Delft graduated Dutch architect with over 12 years of experience in the field of landscape architecture. Additionally to her professional skills, Monika speaks fluently 5 languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, French and Polish, which facilitates communication with international teams.