Shopping Centrum Süd  Vienna,

Shopping Centrum Sud is the largest shopping mall in Austria.

PoLA was commissioned to create a 4000m2 plaza on former parking area in front of the SCS Multiplex (entertainment & gastronomy), to host various outdoor events. The new public space was to have a park-like atmosphere and to look established from the very beginning.


Large earth slopes were created around the perimeter to screen the plaza from the adjacent parking. To reinforce the park-like character and to introduce biodiversity on this urban location, we covered the slopes with a dense prairie meadow: a maintenance friendly mix of robust ornamental grasses and long blooming perennials, specially designed for this particular site and containing over 40 different species.  Scattered throughout the area, we planted a variety of semi-mature tree species with a four-season interest: magnolias, cherries, gingkos, gleditsias and a 15m maple tree dominating the centre of the plaza. Long timber benches run along the colorful slopes, playfully changing their height and width, and provide all necessary seating for the future events. 


Planting the tree in the centre of the plaza was a challenge: as a result of the future events we were expecting the soil under the pavement to compact severely, leaving very little space for the roots and causing stunted growth and eventually, death. In order to prevent it, we have installed a Treeparker system in a 60m2 area around the tree. TreeParker is a tree root bunker system by Greenmax (NL) based on 100% recyclable plastic modules, designed to provide the tree with unimpeded space to develop its roots under a surface with heavy loads.


Since the inauguration the plaza has become a hotspot for outdoor events and our maple tree has established successfully and continuous growing vigorously.



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