Prairie in Chodov  Prague, Czech Republic

To create an exceptionally attractive habitat and add colour and diversity to the urban environment around Chodov, we implemented the Prairie Garden system, developed and supplied by a Dutch company Lageschaar Vaste Planten: http://www.lageschaar.nl/de/seite/prairie-garden.html

Prairie Garden is a sustainable planting concept with a natural look that consists of a rich mix of flowering perennials and ornamental grasses and changes its appearance entirely with every season, surprising each time with a new palette of colours and textures.

Prairie imitates behaviour of a wildflower meadow where natural balance between plants is gradually created, resulting in a robust habitat with increased biodiversity. The planting areas are being covered with a thick layer of lava stones, which improves significantly the growing conditions: lava provides insulation against cold and heat; it prevents from drying out and inhibits bad weeds growth. Therefore Prairie requires little maintenance, no pesticides and no irrigation.

In Chodov we planted the prairie in between of the swirls of ornamental grasses: the multiple rows of grasses provide a strong all-year-around landscape structure, and the perennials - the everchanging spectacle of colours.

Selection of species is based on local environmental conditions of the site and was developed by PoLA in collaboration with Lageschaar. 




Unibail Rodamco
4000 m2