Centrum Chodov  Prague, Czech Republic

Centrum Chodov is a popular commercial centre in western part of Prague, situated in a busy urban location.

The existing building complex is currently being extended and fully refurbished. As a result, the conditions of the surrounding space are changed and the area calls for a new connections from the neighborhoods, both towards the centre and the existing bus and metro stations. We are commissioned to redesign the pedestrian infrastructure and provide Centrum Chodov with three high quality public spaces at each of its main entrances.

We have designed a network of clear connections and shortcuts to improve the spacial permeability so the flow of pedestrians finds its way. The three entrance plazas make part of this network and are outfitted with elements that invite the transiting people to stay longer. Large seating areas, water features and playgrounds bring people together and cast the plazas into lively social points. The organization and the character of each plaza differs from one another according to their conditions and program requirements, but the materials and the detail design language link them together and create a coherent whole. The new green structure of ornamental grasses and deciduous trees celebrates the seasons, as it changes colors and textures throughout the year. It reinforces the identity of the entire area, provides visual continuity and shelters the plazas from surrounding highways.

3 ha
Benoy (UK)
in collaboration with:
Marseille Buiten (NL)