Aupark Green Strings  Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Aupark with its 58.000m2 of retail space is one of the most popular shopping centres in Slovakia.


Since its major reburbishment in 2015 its central Atrium was facing a dilemma: it needed greenery but could not give up any space for it. Due to the heavy footfall and the many events taking place there, every square meter counted. The flexibility and the functionality of the space were crucial and could not be compromised.


We proposed the suspended Green Strings. Just like the vines in a rainforest are spanning the space between the sky and the forest floor, we have spanned five 15m long Green Strings from the glass ceiling all the way to the water feature at the Level 0. The effect is impressive and visible from all levels of the mall.                   


The feature was made possible with the Plantwire system by Green Fortune (S). 

Unibail Rodamco
in collaboration with:
Green Fortune (S)